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Bingo Mania
Bingo Mania

$300 | Proprietary | US Friendly? yes

Graphics 10/10
Playability 8/10
Promotions and Bonuses 9/10
Chat Community 9/10

Bingo Mania is a veteran on the bingo scene
being one of the first to go online back in 1996. The fun
lighthearted approach they have taken will capture the hearts and minds of many aspiring players and has all the features required by the discerning bingo devotee.
The sign up and account registration procedure at the site is very basic and this is a boon for newcomers as there is little information required to set up.
The instructions are precise and after sign up
further rules and policies are outlined so that there is no confusion for new players on pay out policies
games or issues regarding bonuses.
Those bonuses apply right from the time of sign up. The American site offers a 150% bonus on your initial deposit with a current special of 200% that matches the UK version. That means for amounts up to $200 deposited you will receive bonus funds in your account to play bingo.
The sign up also triggers a $5 credit to your account. It allows you to purchase game cards from any of the bingo games
with the cost of each game card starting at 1 cent up to $1.
Bingo Mania use a flagship cartoon character in various guises which makes for a fun and entertaining navigation around each of their linked pages. Each tab has sub-menus that are displayed prominently so that under the play games tab you can choose Bingo
Video Poker
Scratch Cards or Keno.
The other menus include information on current promotions
outline of the player loyalty and referral scheme
bingo information including clear cut instructions on how to play
daily and jackpot winners
a community news page and help menus.
Bingo Manias bingo information is one of the few sites that gives full detailed instructions on how to play and call bingo
a feature that many sites have overlooked. It also explains the concern of the chat games
and features nearly fifty of them.
A big menu for the bingo schedule shows the attention to detail the site has made on everything. Simply choosing which game you would like to play and on what day and it will tell you the timing for each. This provides easy navigation and scheduling on our favourite games.
Bingo Mania promotes player involvement into a community of pooled information on big winners
the latest jackpot news and even interviews with big winners. Bingo Mania paid out the largest prize in online bingo history in the US of $135
626 in September
highlighting the amount of money that can be won on such a simple concept.
In addition to the bingo games
there is a host of other games that can be enjoyed at this site. These run separately from the bingo account you will have
so that keeping a track of your winnings is easy.
On offer are Slots games
Video Poker
Keno and Pull Tabs or scratch card games. There are eleven standard Online Video poker games
which have high quality graphics making playing a real joy.
The Slots games have a variation of themes. Bingo Mania has paid a great deal of attention to customer feedback so that these games are amongst the most popular on the web.
Bingos alter ego
doesnt fail to impress either. Playing Keno is just as much fun as ticking off the numbers in bingo
with the classic version of Keno offered.
the site is very user friendly
navigation is made easy and they have used the simple white background to make reading your options simple