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Creating Your Own bingo Cards

In the traditional bingo game you get the card with numbers printed in a particular format that is usually in the grid of 5X5. These numbers are called out and the ones matching your cards are marked. With a particular pattern decided in advance
the numbers are called out and the one whose card matches […]

You could win 10
000 at

And thats not all. You could win 10
000 a day
every day
for 16 days! Mecca have announced that they will give away the monumental amount of cash as part of the next installment in their Lucky Pink Box campaign. Back in January
Mecca seemingly went barmy
and gave away 86
000 in bingo jackpots
and […]

Buckingham bingo could be up for sale

UK – One of the north’s largest independent bingo operators is considering its future as reports suggest that Buckingham Bingo
which runs bingo halls across Lancashire and Yorkshire and other parts of northern England could be up for sale in the near future.

Woohoo Bingo nominated for Social Networking Award at this years EGR Awards

Woohoo Bingo has been nominated for the coveted Social Networking Award at the 2010 E-Gaming Review Awards
held in London on November 24th. 10th November 2010
Alderney Gambling industry newcomers Intellectual Property and Software (IPS)
have been nominated for the Social Networking Award of the Year at the upcoming E-Gaming Review Awards in London for their bingo software which powers

Vauxhall create a special car as prize for a bingo night

one of the UK’s most well known car companies
has created a special prize for its bingo night on Wednesday 1st December. A Vauxhall Corsa with bingo balls painted on it
worth over 10
000 will be up for grabs as a bingo jackpot.

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